COVID-19: How Realizeit is Responding




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In these extraordinary times, Realizeit is taking multiple measures to maintain continuity and ongoing support for you and your learners.

We have been monitoring the global COVID-19 pandemic since its outbreak in China in January. With the benefit of guidance from European government health organizations as well as U.S. federal and state agencies, we have put a range of measures in place to protect the safety of our employees, to ensure the continuity of all our services and digital programs, and to help protect the welfare of your learners. These are our top priorities and are at the heart of every decision we are making regarding COVID-19.

As of early March, we have implemented a range of health, safety and business continuity measures, such as personal protection equipment for staff on site, hygiene stations in all offices, and other business and service continuity plans. We undertook the following key actions as part of this planning:

  1. We evaluated the risks to business in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak and possible lockdown.
  2. We reviewed our IT infrastructure to ensure our hosted systems continue to be secure, scalable and effective to adapt to this ever-changing situation and any increased demand.
  3. We put the necessary frameworks in place to enable all staff to work effectively and securely from home. In mid-March, we moved our Dublin and Chicago offices to work-from-home offices on the advice of public health authorities.

We have implemented these actions to ensure that we can maintain our commitment to excellence in operations and support during these difficult times. We continue to assess the ever-changing impact of COVID-19, and we are committed to keeping you regularly updated on the latest developments.