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Your Expertise, Personalized for Every Learner

As an instructor, you know best what your students need to succeed. Realizeit empowers you to use your expertise and teaching style to create custom, personalized courses that help improve student engagement and performance.

When you use Realizeit’s intelligent learning system in your course, you can build rich, adaptive learning experiences that meet your students where they are, providing just the right resources at just the right time.

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“As an instructor, I have a differentiated learning experience for each and every student.”
– Dr. Tammy Muhs, University of Central Florida

Create the Course You’ve Always Wanted to Teach

Envision a course that gives you the flexibility, insights and time to teach in a way that’s better for you and your students:

  • Students come to class prepared, so you can lead in-depth discussions and activities instead of reviewing the basics
  • You always know how the class is progressing and performing, enabling you to focus on the right topics at the right times during class and office hours
  • Your students see where they need to improve and can practice and revise work to reinforce lessons, taking agency over their learning
  • You spend less time grading and more time engaging and communicating with students.

Realizeit’s personalized learning and analytics system helps you make it all happen. See how others are already doing it.

“It’s all active learning in the classroom now.” – Rachel Webb, Portland State University
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We’re Here to Help, From Start to Finish

Maybe you already have a vision for your course, or maybe you’re looking for help bringing your ideas together. Whatever your starting point, your Realizeit team will meet you where you are and be with you every step of the way. We’ve helped launch more than 800 courses serving over 1 million students.

We start with your learning outcomes, objectives and content preferences, and collaborate with you to create an adaptive experience. Realizeit is an open platform, so we can use original material, publisher content, open educational resources (OER) or any combination of the three. When it’s time to launch, your course will be integrated into your LMS – mobile-friendly, accessible and available to your students from day one of the class.

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“Every vital educational component comes from me, and someone at Realizeit always had my back if I needed help.”

– Andrea Leonard, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
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