Transformational Adaptive Learning & Teaching Solutions for Educators

We offer a complete set of solutions – an intelligent adaptive platform-as-a-service, a robust content library and an expert team. Our solutions have been successfully used by leading institutions to develop and deliver optimal teaching and learning experiences in seat-time and competency based personalized program and course contexts.

Small and large institutions can embark on their journey to transforming experiences and outcomes with the confidence of having a partner like Realizeit on its side that has proven itself for scale, speed, efficacy and success.

iconCurriculum Development

Faculty and course developers in leading institutions have rapidly developed and delivered fully personalized programs and over 800 courses serving more than 1 million students using our intelligent adaptive learning system. We enable faculty and institutions to author their own curriculum while retaining full academic ownership and control.Expand to view full solution

Institutions can rapidly and easily build up a rich repository of reusable granular learning content that can be directly linked to specific competencies and assembled into courses and programs using the following key features

Content Ingestion
Our curriculum development tool can rapidly ingest existing content and transform hierarchical curriculum and content into granular learning networks and maps.

Content authors can reduce development times and effort by leveraging our ability to ingest a wide range of formats for learning materials.

Curriculum Building
Course developers can author, collaborate, share, version and publish adaptive curriculum and content using an intuitive and visual workbench. Resources such as learning maps, granular lesson units, formative and authentic assessments can be authored, linked and stored in Realizeit’s reusable and sharable repository.

These resources can be used to define and publish programs, courses, learning objectives and competencies specific to the requirements and needs of every institution.

Assessment Creation
Our platform provides a robust portfolio of assessment types to author assessments. Course developers can create question templates to enable the system’s intelligent adaptive learning engine to generate unique formative assessment item instances in each learner’s experience. This greatly reduces the effort in item creation and item bank maintenance while greatly improving the integrity of every formative assessment.

Formative and authentic assessments can be authored for different learning contexts – seat time based and competency based learning whether direct assessment or course equivalency.

iconDifferentiated Experience

We create a unique and optimal experience for each learner’s personal journey towards mastery. Learners experience empowerment, increased engagement and success due to the system’s ability to generate a truly adaptive experience. This experience is available to learners and teachers in both desktop browser and native mobile app contexts.Expand to view full solution

Personalized curriculum and competency dashboards are generated dynamically in real-time. Learners are continually informed of the mastery levels of their competencies and guided through personal learning maps using prediction and calibration engines.

Similarly, we enable every teacher to adapt his or her teaching to become the best teacher for every learner. Realizeit provides teachers with dashboards that provide real-time visibility and actionable insights into individual learner performance, engagement, progression and achievement at an extremely granular level.

Teachers can readily identify specific areas of strengths and needs for improvement enabling them to provide a differentiated teaching experience tailored to the learning needs of each individual student and for the class as a whole.

iconEmbedded Analytics

The Realizeit system is a sophisticated learning measurement and evidencing system. It continuously measures, calculates and collects a vast amount of granular data related to teaching, learning and content aspects.Expand to view full solution

Based on this data, our real-time adaptive engine makes continuous success predictions, recommendations and instructional decisions for every learner. As it collects new data it changes and evolves its decision-making and recommendation processes to respond in real-time to the changing needs of each individual learner.

Our academic analytics dashboards provide academic and institutional leaders with rich reports, insights and trends. Through the use of these dashboards, leaders and decision makers can significantly improve their processes related to institutional effectiveness management and reporting on topics such as student learning efficacy, student engagement efficacy, teaching efficacy and content efficacy.

iconSeamless Integration

Realizeit can be configured and instantiated seamlessly from within any learning management system (LMS) at various levels – be it for entire programs and courses or at component levels such as modules, competency, assignment and assessments.Expand to view full solution

We enable integration with proprietary and commercial LMS’ using LTI and custom API integration to deliver a seamless experience to learners and teachers.

Client institutions have successfully integrated with commercial learning management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, Pearson Learning Studio as well with other proprietary learning systems. Realizeit also contains a comprehensive API set that can be used for deeper integration and the development of custom branded experiences in browser and mobile app formats.

iconProfessional Services

Our company culture is based on innovation and customer service excellence. Our culture manifests itself in our collaborative, expertise based guidance and service-oriented approach with every client engagement, which consistently get high marks from our client institutions.Expand to view full solution

We are proud to bring an experienced and proven team of researchers, content engineers, project managers and solution architects to provide professional services across the full spectrum of implementation from strategy to self-sustaining operations.

This team has successfully deployed courses and programs for large and small institutions. Our implementation methodology ensures the shortest time to self-managed, self-sustaining operations for our clients.

List of Professional Services:

  • Course Development and Project Management
  • Training (Basic, Course Development and Advanced Certification)
  • Custom Integration with Proprietary Systems
  • Research & Analytics

iconIntelligent Versatile Learning Architecture

Realizeit’s learning architecture comprises the following key components and principles necessary to deliver a truly adaptive experience:Expand to view full solution 

  • Intelligent algorithms powering intelligent, self-learning adaptive engine
  • Atomized learning, atomized data capture of learning ability and learner profiling
  • Agnostic to content types and subject domain
  • Boundless knowledge and competency maps – defining curriculum as a network of interconnected elements
  • Multi-source, multi-modal, multi-format content
  • Flexible configuration capability – personalized courses and programs in both seat-time and competency based models.
  • Robust competency and skill mapping

Research Papers & Publications

We are highly committed to research and development, which form the basis and foundation for our product. While continuing to deepen the intelligence behind the product through proprietary research, we also focus on adapting algorithms and processes currently found in other fields.


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