Web Service API

Many businesses with traditional on-line and distance learning systems feel the need to evolve to the latest adaptive technologies. However, the cost associated with the research and development prohibits many companies from making this strategic investment. With CCKF’s web service API institutions, publishers and learning system providers now have the opportunity to benefit from Realizeit powering their learning system.

Embedding intelligence in your system

Realizeit exposes its core intelligent engine as a series of web services, via an API. The API enables third parties to integrate the intelligence of Realizeit into their applications.

These services encompass rich high level operations and detailed low level operations. In some cases developers will want access to the low level functions to precisely tailor their applications. In other cases developers will want the convenience of letting the API do the hard work in a single call with detailed results. The API has been designed to meet the varied needs of its consumers.

The web service facilitates the use of core technology and concepts from Realizeit within other systems. It also provides a mechanism for the creation of additional interface models for Realizeit, e.g. apps for mobile devices, domain specific interfaces etc.

The web service can be accessed using a traditional SOAP interface or using a JSON interface from client script, for example using JQuery and Ajax.

Realizeit contains a comprehensive data sharing model that allows data from multiple owners and sources to coexist within the one instance of the system. All service access is subject to the same security and sharing checks.

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