Enriched Learning, Enhanced Experience: Introducing Realizeit’s Newest Release

Realizeit ,modern learning system 3.4 releasePALATINE, Ill., October 3, 2019 – Realizeit, a leading provider of next-generation digital learning solutions, announces the latest release of its intelligent modern learning system. This broad set of new features and enhancements helps educators enrich and expand the teaching and learning experience while managing courses more easily and efficiently.

“Everything we’ve done in this release helps move our users toward digital learning innovation at scale within their institutions,” says Manoj Kulkarni, Realizeit CEO. “This release focuses particularly on empowering instructors, who need to be able to create learning solutions specific to the opportunities and challenges of their own students and domains. In doing so, they must bring together all the different aspects of the learning ecosystem in a way that’s easy to develop and deploy. Our roadmap is – and always has been – built to enable that.”

Highlights of the release include:

  • Email Notifications for Instructors & Students: Instructors can receive important class updates without logging in, with new email alerts that help them save time and enable greater responsiveness. Fully configurable, these emails let instructors know when students have submitted assignments, responded to feedback, flagged questions for review, and more. Students also can be notified when instructors grade submissions or provide feedback.
  • In-course Surveys: Student feedback can enrich the teaching and learning experience. Now instructors can embed surveys directly into a course’s learning path to get more feedback, more often. Use this feature for mid- or end-of-course check-ins, questions regarding students’ confidence in what they’re learning, or any topic for which student perspective would be valuable.
  • New Learning Tool Integrations: A host of new integrations with third-party learning applications helps students get more of the practice they need to succeed. Realizeit can deliver assignments in Microsoft® Excel® and other tools that provide exercises, simulations and assessments for engineering, math, computer science, business and more. All work is auto-graded and immediate feedback is provided to students, with performance incorporated into overall grades.
  • Greater Course Access Controls: Educators can manage student learning environments by limiting course access to defined locations using IP restrictions. This option enables more instructor control for exams or lab-center assisted assignments.
  • More Options for Course Configuration: Course designers and instructors now have more choices regarding the degree and mode of adaptivity in their courses, new ways to pre-assess student knowledge, customizable mastery measurements, and more ways to motivate students using rewards, among other new configuration options.

“Modern learning is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and intelligent learning systems also need to adapt to educators’ unique needs and goals,” Kulkarni says. “We make it a point to listen to our users and understand their practical applications of the system in the classroom to help us continually improve their experience and consequently, their results.”

To learn more about Realizeit’s latest features and how the platform helps institutions address their student success goals and challenges, call 847-241-4577 or visit www.realizeitlearning.com.


About Realizeit

Realizeit’s intelligent modern learning system empowers educators to increase student success in gateway courses and beyond. The platform enables engaging, personalized learning experiences, providing the tools, insights and support to improve efficiency and effectiveness for faculty and produce better outcomes for students. Designed to work within any discipline, Realizeit has served nearly 3 million learners in more than 1,200 courses. The system is mobile friendly, ADA compliant and integrates seamlessly into any LMS.

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Allison Mortland