New Release of Realizeit's Intelligent Personalized Learning Platform Powers More Robust Learning Experiences

The 3.3 release makes it faster and easier to design and develop effective, engaging learning experiences
while providing powerful new tools that deliver deeper integration and support.

Realizeit's 3.3 Release

PALATINE, Ill., July 24, 2018 – Realizeit, a leading provider of innovative digital learning solutions, announces the latest release of its intelligent personalized learning and analytics platform. With this release, Realizeit delivers a suite of new features and enhancements that expand educators’ ability to create and effectively manage rich, tailored and personalized digital learning experiences.

“Our goal with this release is to expand the array of capabilities that enable educators to create and seamlessly integrate dynamic, comprehensive digital learning experiences in support of improving the success of their students, while continuing to enhance the ease of use and efficiency in managing the process,” said Realizeit CEO Manoj Kulkarni. New features and enhancements include:

• Enhancing Course Design & Development: A new dashboard, updated curriculum design interface and curriculum templates in the new release enhance Realizeit’s in-depth authoring capabilities for course development by further simplifying the tasks of creating new courses and managing existing courses.

• Enabling More Seamless Integrations with External Tools: Realizeit now incorporates LTI Advantage extensions, which enable deeper connections between Realizeit and learning management systems and help save time on integrations and term-over-term course rollout. Along with this key feature, the new release also seamlessly integrates additional rich, experiential learning activities through an initial set of third-party tools that provide students discipline-specific practice activities in the subject areas of math, business, and computer science. More such tools are planned to be added on an ongoing basis.

• Providing Just-in-Time Support Resources to Instructors and Students: The new release enables the ability to provide contextual resources that help instructors and students quickly and easily access information specific to the activities they are performing at that time. With this feature, resources such as frequently asked questions, how-to support and in-depth explanations can be delivered precisely at the point of need in text, image and video format, thereby easing the support and management tasks for instructors while increasing the self-management capabilities for students.

• Adding Efficiency & Flexibility for Instructors and Students: Instructors now have new tools for managing their students’ learning. They can search for individual student records across multiple courses, bulk download submitted assignments, and make real-time changes to elements such as assignment rules and due dates. Meanwhile, enhanced search functionality gives students more agency in when and how they learn, allowing them to search courses by topic to quickly and easily locate learning materials for reference or review.

All the features are aimed at continually evolving Realizeit to better help address the greatest needs and challenges faced by students and educators in digital learning environments, Kulkarni said. The new additions and enhancements are deeply informed by the system’s user base: students, instructors, course designers and institutional leaders.

“Our users are on the forefront of personalized digital learning, and their perspective and experience plays an important role in how we continue to evolve Realizeit to be able to provide sustainable value to institutions and their students at scale,” Kulkarni said. “We all share the same primary mission and motivation: to transform education through digitally enabled learning experiences and make a significant positive impact on learning success for all students.”

To learn more about Realizeit’s latest features and how the platform helps institutions address their student success goals and challenges, call 847-241-4577 or visit

About Realizeit

Realizeit’s intelligent learning and analytics system empowers educators to increase student success in critical foundational and gateway courses. The platform enables engaging, personalized learning experiences, providing the tools, insights and support to improve efficiency and effectiveness for faculty and produce better outcomes for students. Designed to work within any discipline, Realizeit has served well over 1 million course-takers in more than 800 courses. The system is mobile friendly, ADA compliant and integrates seamlessly into any LMS.

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Allison Mortland