Our passion and purpose at Realizeit is to provide every learner the opportunity to achieve his or her full learning potential. We make that happen by empowering institutions to significantly improve student motivation, engagement and achievement through the deployment of a real-time evidence-based learning system that enables adaptive learning, adaptive teaching, institutional effectiveness and more.

Our goal is to create value for educational institutions in a rapid, scalable, and cost-effective way. Our comprehensive competency based adaptive learning platform combined with our team’s deep knowledge and experience in the education sector position us well to accomplish this goal. Institutions can embark on their journey to transform the student experience and outcomes with the confidence of having a partner such as Realizeit on its side that is proven for scale, efficacy and success.

We pride ourselves on having some of the largest implementations of adaptive learning in the US in higher education – 400,000+ course-takers (and growing) across more than 150 courses in 50+ subject domains. And we are most proud of the outcome improvements evidenced by our client institutions, small and large alike.

Realizeit Labs

Empowering educators to improve student success is at the core of what we do at Realizeit, and our focus on data and research is a big part of what enables our mission. Realizeit Labs provides a window into the research we do both within our company and through collaborative partnerships with institutions like yours. Visit Realizeit Labs regularly to stay up to date on our latest published research articles, see upcoming conference presentations, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the research team’s work on the Realizeit Labs blog.

Our History

The company was founded as CCKF in Dublin, Ireland in 2007 by teachers, researchers and technologists. Their goal was simple – to help every student realize his or her full learning potential. They were driven by deeply held beliefs that every person has an ability to attain mastery in learning and strived to design an intelligent system that emulates the very best teachers, content and academic rigor that will engage, challenge and adapt to each specific individual’s personal needs. To them it was not just an enormous challenge, but also a moral imperative.

The team’s prime focus in the early years was researching learning science and exploring how technology could be leveraged to build an intelligent learning ecosystem. After the foundational research was complete, the team began designing and developing an intelligent, self-learning system.

In 2012, CCKF deployed its intelligent system dubbed “Realizeit” as the first-of-its-kind enterprise platform in two HLC-accredited Universities in the U.S., which have now grown into the largest deployments of personalized, adaptive learning in Higher Education globally.

In 2014, the company adopted the name “Realizeit” and opened its commercial headquarters near Chicago, USA to serve its growing base of clients with research and development continuing to operate in Dublin, Ireland.

Manoj Kulkarni
Chief Executive Officer

Manoj leads all aspects of Realizeit’s commercial development, growth agenda and operations in the US and Europe. Expand to view full profile

Manoj has held senior executive roles for more than 15 years providing transformational leadership in high volume, high growth and global businesses in Education, Technology and Retail sectors.

He is the former Chief Technology and Innovation Officer for Career Education Corporation where he and his team pioneered the implementation of predictive analytics-based personalized learning across large-scale ground and online institutions powered by the Realizeit platform. His work at Career Education Corporation has resulted in awards and accolades from Information Week Top Innovators, Computerworld “Best in Best” in Education Technology and others.

Prior to Career Education Corporation, he served as the Vice President of Information Technology for Toys R Us Inc., leading technology operations and engineering in the US and internationally.

Manoj earned his Bachelor in Engineering from India’s College of Engineering, Pune and his Masters in Business Administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.



John Keane
Chief Architect & Technology Officer and co-Founder

John is responsible for the overall software design and architecture, at both a conceptual and technical level, product development and research agenda.Expand to view full profile

John has over 25 years of experience architecting, designing and developing complex software in educational contexts in K-12 and higher education in the US and internationally. In his years prior to Realizeit, John was with CCM software and developed an enterprise-level scheduling system that has achieved worldwide use. He was also responsible for the development of CCM’s integrated management information System.

John graduated from Queen’s University of Belfast with a First class honors degree in Computer Science.


Frank Claffey
Chief Product Officer and co-Founder

Frank is responsible for product management and quality assurance of the system.Expand to view full profile

A former teacher, he has more than 25 years of professional experience in the software industry and in the education sector, holding posts that include Senior Systems Analyst, Lead Architect, Senior Consultant and Head of Development in that time.

As a director of CCM Software, Frank led the development and deployment of an enterprise system, which was used by educational institutions in more than 10 countries.

He has provided consultancy to Schools and Universities, including institutions such as London School of Economics and Singapore Polytechnic, and has made technical presentations to organizations globally.

Frank graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics in 1980. He subsequently completed a degree in Computer Science, also at Trinity College Dublin.


Ty Roberts
Chief Sales, Marketing & Strategy Officer

Ty is responsible for sales, marketing and strategy including partnerships and alliances. Expand to view full profile

He has served in senior executive roles in the adult education domain for more than 10 years at DeVry, Inc. and Career Education Corporation. Earlier in his career, Ty held leadership positions in sales, brand marketing, product management and business development domestically and internationally with PepsiCo, E&J Gallo and Nortel.

He earned his Masters of Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and his Bachelor of Science in Operations Research & Engineering Management from Southern Methodist University.


Dr. George Mitchell
Chief Operations Officer

George oversees Realizeit’s daily business operations which includes human resources, finance, technology and research. Expand to view full profile

Prior to joining Realizeit George was a consultant in project management, software systems and software research to a number of companies and institutions including: Ericsson, Neusoft, the European Commission, the Federal German Government and also smaller European Governments. An award winning lecturer for nine years, George lectured at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, Dublin City University and was a visiting International Professor Dalian University of Technology (China) in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation and Software Systems.

George studied at National University of Ireland Maynooth for his BSc and MSc, at Dublin City University for his PhD and also Smurfit Business School University College Dublin.


David Collery

David spent 14 years teaching Mathematics in deprived inner city Dublin schools, and with a passionate belief in the natural ability and right of any student to learn irrespective of background, led his students to attain the highest academic standards. Expand to view full profile

In the mid seventies he was one of the first graduates of the then highly innovative Diploma in Computing in Education from Trinity College Dublin, and is a true pioneer of school-based computer learning courses.

He founded CCM Software in 1986 and led the company to develop and market a school & college administrative and scheduling system that is still used by all of the schools in Ireland, schools in the UK, as well as universities and colleges in the UK and Far East. He led the sale of CCM software to Serco Plc in 2002.

Returning to his roots in teaching and learning, he co-founded CCKF on the belief that intelligent, adaptive systems will provide the engine to power the delivery of truly individualized and personalized learning and led its early visioning and development.

An autodidact with a broad knowledge of literature and history, speaking a number of languages, he is strongly of the view that learning is within reach of each individual and that “There is no number, no mark; there is only a continuously changing belief in the capacity of the individual”.

David graduated from University College Dublin in 1971 with a BSc, and Higher Diploma in Education.