Proven Results

Higher Education, Corporate Learning and K-12 institutions are realizing significant improvements in student and institutional outcomes for:

  • Engagement
  • Persistence
  • Achievement
  • Mastery

Realizeit is a versatile and scalable adaptive learning system. Realizeit’s capabilities go beyond a traditional learning management system to make it a true learning measurement system. The system provides mastery-based adaptive learning capabilities in traditional and emerging competency-based learning models for a growing number of progressive institutions.

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Dr. Hasel

R1 Research University – Adaptive learning in seat-time based model


Over 400 faculty members teaching in an adaptive format

4-year competency-based civil engineering program that maps to employer competencies

Online adaptive learning for the American Women’s College

Effective Benefits

Realizeit powers competency-based, personalized, adaptive learning models to deliver value for learners, teachers, content developers and institutional leadership.

Institutions are using Realizeit’s real-time feedback and data to assess student knowledge and progress toward mastery, identify gaps, improve course content, drive curriculum initiatives, and ultimately improve student achievement. See how – watch an instructor demo.


Build Confidence | Improve Engagement | Achieve Mastery

Students experience increased confidence, engagement and motivation in courses powered by Realizeit, resulting in higher levels of mastery.Expand


Real-time, individualized feedback intelligently guides students through optimum learning pathways adapted to individual strengths and weaknesses. This helps learners develop competencies, demonstrate proficiency, achieve mastery and experience success. Students are able to maximize their learning time by focusing on what they don’t know, and can potentially reduce education costs by demonstrating what they do know.


Adaptive Teaching | Help Every Student Succeed

Teachers can spend more time engaging and helping students achieve mastery, while minimizing time spent on discovery and non-learning activities.Expand


Realizeit provides continuous, actionable insights for individual students and the class as a whole. With real-time data on student progress, teachers can adapt learning to meet each student’s need and intervene for maximum impact.

Content Developers

Rapid, Agile Development | Continuous Quality Calibration

Realizeit is a versatile and highly configurable system. Its complete learning content management system for curriculum and content authoring and publishing can be used for both seat-time and competency-based learning contexts.Expand


With the authoring system, content developers can migrate, create and self-manage custom curriculum, learning content and assessments in as little as 10-12 weeks. They can continuously assure quality and calibrate for maximum impact on learning outcomes. The authoring system includes a first of its kind intelligent ingestion engine, an innovative knowledge and competency mapping tool, variable question generation and real-time performance analytics.

A pre-populated library of private-label and low cost OER content titles are available from Openstax College.

Academic & Administrative Leaders

Retain Academic Control | Measure and Evidence Learning | Enhance Institutional Effectiveness | Deploy Enterprise Wide

Extensive and granular measurement and evidencing capabilities significantly enhance institutional effectiveness operations, quality management and institutional reporting.Expand


Access to real-time visibility, insights and trends influences and improves decision-making related to student experiences and outcomes. These analytics can be used to improve content quality, faculty development and implement new products and services.

Realizeit’s subject independent and content agnostic system can be deployed enterprise-wide across a range of subjects, courses and learning models, allowing institutions and faculty to retain control over academic content and quality.

Comprehensive Platform Capabilities

Realizeit is a versatile, cloud-based SaaS learning measurement and evidencing system. Our system is engineered and proven for at-scale deployments in institutions and corporations, utilizing a full set of mature and unique capabilities that blend seamlessly into existing ecosystems to deliver a truly adaptive learning experience.

Realizeit offers a complete platform for institutions to plan, develop and deliver competency and seat-time based adaptive learning courses and programs. Our expert professional services team can combine your programs with a content library of private-label courses and open educational resources (OER) from its partnership with OpenStax College.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

Faculty and course developers in leading institutions have rapidly developed and delivered fully personalized programs and over 150 courses in more than 50 subjects using our next generation content and subject agnostic authoring features and content library. We enable faculty and institutions to author their own curriculum while retaining full academic ownership and control.

Differentiated Experience

Differentiated Experience

We create a unique and optimal experience for each learner’s personal journey towards mastery. Learners experience empowerment, increased engagement and success due to the system’s ability to generate a truly adaptive experience. This experience is available to learners and teachers in both desktop browser and native mobile app contexts.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics

The Realizeit system is a sophisticated learning measurement and evidencing system. It continuously measures, calculates and collects a vast amount of granular data related to teaching, learning and content aspects.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Realizeit can be configured and instantiated seamlessly from within any learning management system (LMS) at various levels – be it for entire programs and courses or at component levels such as modules, competency, assignment and assessments.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our company culture is based on innovation and customer service excellence. Our culture manifests itself in our collaborative, expertise based guidance and service-oriented approach with every client engagement, which consistently get high marks from our client institutions.

Intelligent Versatile Learning Architecture

Intelligent Versatile Learning Architecture

Realizeit’s learning architecture comprises the following key components and principles necessary to deliver a truly adaptive experience: